10-year-old boy shot his father in Peshawar

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In Peshawar’s Hayatabad area, a 10-year-old boy is suspected of shooting and causing injury to his father. Dr. Rizwan was taken to the hospital on Thursday with injuries in the jurisdiction of the Tatara police station in Hayatabad. Initially, the victim claimed that unidentified individuals had entered their home, assaulted him, and fired the shot.

However, during the subsequent police investigation, it was revealed that someone from within the household was involved in the incident. The family was questioned, and evidence was gathered for further examination.

According to DSP Hayat Abar Arshad Khan, who spoke to the media, the investigation took a different turn, uncovering that the shooter was, in fact, the victim’s 10-year-old son.

It had been discovered that there was a domestic dispute between the parents, and on the night of June 15, the situation escalated with the husband physically assaulting his wife. When the son witnessed his mother being mistreated, he fired at his father. Weapons and empty shells were found inside the house, and the wife also showed signs of physical abuse, further strengthening the suspicion.

DSP Hayatabad Arshad Khan mentioned that while the investigation involving the child has been conducted, no formal case has been registered, and no arrests have been made yet. The authorities are exploring various aspects, including whether the child obtained the weapon himself or if someone else provided it to him.

News attempted to reach out to the family involved in the incident, but they declined to provide any comments.