16mn children affected by super-floods, 3.4mn need immediate life-saving support, UNICEF

At least 16 million children were affected by the super-floods whereas 3.4 million girls and boys need immediate life-saving support, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has said.

Abdullah Fadil has said that the situation in flood-hit areas was very grim where malnourished children have been fighting different diseases including diarrhoea, dengue fever and skin diseases.

Fadil, who has just completed his two days visit to Sindh’s flood-affected areas, has also said that at least 528 children have lost their lives in floods. He showed concerns that without a massive increase in support and aid many more children could lose their lives.

UNICEF representative said that a lot of mothers were anaemic and malnourished with low-weight babies; adding that the mothers were ill and unable to breastfeed. He has further said that millions of families were displaced from their homes and have been living with little more than rags for protection from the scorching sun at temperatures passing 40 degrees Celsius.

Fadil showing concerns over the crisis said that the number of children lost due to floods was growing; showing resolve that UNICEF would continue to everything it could do to support flood-struck children and families so that they could be protected from the danger of water-borne diseases, malnutrition and other risks.

The aid for flood affectees continues to arrive from different countries.

The Japanese government has decided to extend emergency grant aid of $7 million and the Canadian government has announced individual donations up to a total of 3 million Canadian dollars.

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