170 villages electrified

Picture Source: AFP

The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has electrified 170 villages in its region during the current year with an estimated cost of Rs.460 million.

According to details, the FESCO construction directorate also completed 142 Low-Tension (LT) proposals and seven High-Tension (HT) proposals during this period and spent Rs 460.101 million on these projects.

One special directive of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmed, under the supervision of Project Director (PD) Construction FESCO Mian Anwar Project Directorate spent Rs62.656 million on completion of 2 HT proposals in Faisalabad, Rs19.322 million on 2 HT proposals in Jhang, Rs10.859 million on one HT proposal in Sargodha and Rs76.539 million on 2 HT proposals in Mianwali.

Similarly, Rs21.678 million were spent on electrification of 26 villages in Faisalabad, Rs48.11 million on electrification of 43 villages in Jhang, Rs75.582 million on electrification of 56 villages in Mianwali and Rs72.875 million on electrification of 45 villages in Sargodha. Rupees 24.452 million was spent on completion of 51 LT proposals in Faisalabad, Rs11.434 million on 15 LT proposals in Mianwali, Rs24.11 million on 54 LT proposals in Jhang and Rs12.484 million on 22 LT proposals in Sargodha. CEO FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmed has appreciated the performance of the Project Construction Directorate and directed them to complete the more projects with the same zeal and dedication so that maximum relief could be provided to the FESCO consumers.