4 times Saba Qamar crushed patriarchy on screen

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Saba Qamar, a renowned Pakistani actress, has graced the television screens for almost two decades with her outstanding performances. She began her career with the renowned PTV classic Main Aurat Hoon and has since made a name for herself with her exceptional acting skills, notably in the acclaimed series Dastaan.

Her work in a recent project Sar-e-Rah has gained great appreciation. Time and again, she has proven her acting prowess by essaying various roles effortlessly. Let’s take a look at some of her best performances in dramas where she is breaking stereotypes and crushing patriarchy with her powerful roles.

  1. Baaghi

Starting from Baaghi, is a biographical drama based on the life story of a social media star, Qandeel Baloch. Saba Qamar stars as Qandeel Baloch and portrays her life and struggles effectively. Saba’s performance was praised for her ability to capture the essence of Qandeel’s life, showcasing her rise to stardom and eventual tragic demise.

Her portrayal of the contradictory and complex personality of Qandeel Baloch was both sensitive and honest. Saba played the role with the power of her emotions and made the audience enthralled.

  1. Digest Writer

Digest Writer is a family drama that explores the culture of the Urdu Digest and its writers in Pakistan. Saba Qamar plays the role of Farida, a young woman who aspires to become a writer but lacks the support of her family. Saba’s nuanced performance captured Farida’s struggle in a patriarchal society, with Farida’s character coming across as empathetic and relatable.

  1. Cheekh

Cheekh is a crime thriller that explores the story of a woman striving to seek justice for the murder of her friend. Saba Qamar portrays the role of Mannat, a determined lawyer going to great lengths to pursue justice. Saba’s performance as Mannat was gritty and powerful, capturing her character’s spirit and determination to bring her friend’s killers to justice.

4. Sar-e-Rah

Saba Qamar’s performance in Sar-e-Rah, was widely praised by both critics and audiences. She played the lead role of Sarah, a strong-willed and independent woman who stands up against social norms and fights for justice. Qamar’s portrayal of Sarah was lauded for its nuanced and powerful performance, showcasing her exceptional acting skills and range. Her compelling performance helped to elevate the drama and make it a memorable viewing experience for audiences.

Saba Qamar’s performances in Baaghi, Cheekh, Digest Writer and Sar-e-Rah demonstrate her versatility as an actress who can portray a range of characters with ease. Her performances have not only entertained viewers but also helped create meaningful social commentary, making her an impactful performer.


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