400 units consumption: Government’s relief measures aimed at consumers

Government unveils relief plan for electricity consumers using up to 400 units

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Electricity bills of up to 400 units will be collected in instalments over the next six months, pending IMF approval, as announced during a consultative meeting led by caretaker Prime Minister Anwar Haq Kakar. In a move aimed at providing financial respite to consumers, the federal government has taken a significant step by offering relief to those using up to 400 units of electricity. This initiative entails the collection of electricity bills for this consumption range in instalments spanning the course of six months. The decision came to light during a consultative meeting presided over by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar Haq Kakar, where the matter of soaring electricity bills was discussed in detail.

During the meeting, it was unanimously agreed that the Ministry of Energy’s recommendations should pave the way forward, including the strategic pursuit of assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). With the IMF’s stamp of approval, the government is set to announce concrete relief measures. The focus of these measures will be on the consumers whose electricity consumption remains within the 400-unit bracket.

This deliberation comes on the heels of a recent federal cabinet meeting convened by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar Haq Kakar. This gathering was attended by high-ranking officials who informed the supervisory federal cabinet that the IMF accord posed a substantial challenge to implementing relief measures. Acknowledging this impediment, the federal cabinet directed the Ministry of Energy to meticulously devise a mechanism for delivering relief. Additionally, the issue concerning the provision of free units to employees of DISCOs (Distribution Companies) and WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) was referred to the Energy Committee for further examination.

The Ministry of Energy presented a series of pivotal proposals in a preceding session, offering potential avenues to address the weighty burden of electricity bills. Among these proposals, the idea of affording domestic consumers a one-slab benefit on their electricity bills garnered attention. Furthermore, there was a proposition to facilitate relief by permitting the payment of elevated electricity bills in a staggered manner, particularly during the winter months. Seeking the Ministry of Finance’s input on reducing the taxes imposed on electricity bills was also put forward.

As of now, while a variety of proposals are being explored, there remains no definitive decision regarding a reduction in electricity bills. The government’s proactive approach to seeking solutions underscores its commitment to alleviating the financial pressures faced by electricity consumers. With the consultative meeting’s outcomes, it is clear that both short-term and long-term strategies are being devised to address this critical concern.

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