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Fifty houses gutted in Tharparkar fires

At least 50 houses and other structures were destroyed in two separate fire incidents in Tharparkar on Sunday.

As many as 28 houses and other structures of the Sand community in village Matro Sand near Islamkot were completely destroyed by the fire, which also killed more than 15 sheep and goats.

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Talking to media persons, Allah Dino Sand, Jamal Dars, Daud, Peerano, Saindad, and other five victims deplored that soon after the fire they had asked the officials in Islamkot town to send fire tenders but they delayed and when tenders reached their major portion of their village was burnt down by the devastating fire.

They said that their village was situated five kilometers away from the coal city of Islamkot but the officials of the district administration and Thar Foundation of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company did not bother to send fire tenders on time.

They said that due to the apathy of the officials valuables, including gold, grain, cash in their houses were reduced to ashes. Meanwhile, in village Donthar near Doplo town as many as 20 houses and other structures of Bajeer and Meghwar communities were burnt. The fire victims, talking to the media, said that they had also informed the local officials and asked them to send fire tenders but they did not oblige, and all their belongings were destroyed by the fire.



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