51% Pakistanis favor same-day polls, survey

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51% of Pakistanis are in favor of holding polls for the National Assembly and the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies at the same time in October, while 34% are against it.

In addition, the majority of Pakistanis deemed Imran Khan’s decision to dissolve the Punjab and KP assemblies inappropriate.

The results were from a poll that the Institute for Public Opinion Research performed between April 1–19, 2023, and in which more than 1,200 Pakistanis from all around the nation participated.

In response to a survey question concerning having province elections concurrently with the National Assembly, 51% supported the idea, 34% opposed it, and 15% did not respond.

35% of respondents said Khan made a mistake when he decided to dissolve the Punjab and KP assemblies, while 28% thought the PTI should have continued to serve in both bodies.

In contrast, 16% said Khan was right to dissolve the assemblies. However, 21% chose not to answer the query.

77% of respondents said that the political establishment and important institutions ought to cooperate in order to enhance the political climate. However, 13% were against the notion, and 10% would rather not comment.

In response to the survey question concerning who is to blame for the nation’s unchecked inflation, 49% of respondents held the incumbent PDM government accountable, and 32% blamed Khan’s administration, and 19% did not reply.