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A managed political engineering?

"The court could have constituted a high-powered commission to probe the allegations of foreign interference in the internal political affairs of the country. It could have solved the issue of foreign dictation once and for all"

Political engineering assisted by many outlets often leads to the toppling of governments in Third World countries.

In the famous book Out of Afghanistan, the authors established the CIA’s role in building up Islamic fundamentalist guerrilla leaders. Moreover, it threw light on the blunders of Russia, including its attack on Afghanistan in 1979. Some American agents in Afghanistan had conveyed to the Russian forces that America wanted to establish its military bases in Afghanistan. Russia attacked and collapsed resultantly.

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Moreover, the book They Dare to Speak Out¬†discusses the influence of Jews on American politics. It would not be difficult to establish external factors that influence Third World nations through political maneuvering and financial funding. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, what matters is whether you are loyal to your country or not.

The political scenario in the country is that some democratic forces are crying for democracy – a tool they have always used to maneuver the state and protect their interests. There is no tradition of putting the national interests before the personal interests or interests of their political masters. Efforts have been made through democratic leaders to topple Imran Khan’s government, with allegation of help by foreign hands and funding. This was exposed by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself and he did what his opponents had long been demanding. He announced elections. However, Supreme Court set aside the presidential order of dissolving the National Assembly, ignoring all the allegations leveled by the prime minister.

The court could have constituted a high-powered commission to probe the allegations of foreign interference in the internal political affairs of the country. It could have solved the issue of foreign dictation once and for all. Can any forum, without investigating the allegations leveled by none other than the sitting prime minister of Pakistan and endorsed by the National Security Council, ignore them?

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No democracy or even constitutional provisions can override national security, sovereignty and independence. It is time for the people’s court to decide the future course of action for this country and decide whether we want to survive as an independent nation, as the forefathers had dreamt of, or become puppets of colonial powers.

Moreover, the commission, if constituted, could have investigated how the politicians become part of the conspiracy knit against the interests of the Pakistani nation. The commission may also visualize the regional scene and dirty games played by the usurpers in connivance with internal leaders. Examples of Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and recent interference in the Sri Lankan government would be enough to substantiate claims of such a hand.

Syed Ali Hadi, an activist, said that the Russian Federation has blamed the United States for interfering in the affairs of Pakistan besides China, which too clarified that the US policy was fabricated to block the development of the eastern giant. A cursory view of history reflects that such traitors have always been on the downside. Without addressing the “Lettergate” controversy, floodgates of such interference in the future will remain open.

Hadi further said that the parliamentary procedures only provide an open field for blackmailing, exploiting one another, thus burdening the country. Bhutto had said that in 1977 he, Indra Gandhi and Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka were hunted with the same arrow shot by a western agency. They all were defeated for not obeying the superpower.

American think tanks had information that Russia would attack Afghanistan so they wanted their puppets in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Oppositions in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan were united against the people’s will and elected governments. Opposition is united in Pakistan today like it was in 1977 and the need is to see what new target the sole superpower has set, he said.

General Zia ul Haq, who had toppled Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s democratic government, later became an ally of the US against Russia in Afghanistan. This continued until Russia collapsed and the general’s airplane crashed in 1988. Advocate Asghar Ali welcomed the apex court’s judgment and said where there is a personal cause there is no space for national cause. He said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had made a nation, not money and palaces.

He was of the view that such political engineering had not been done for the first time, rather it had precedents in 1963, 1965, 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1999, 2007 and in 2022. Whenever foreign hands rise, Pakistani economy nosedived, Ali said. He said that it was the first Article 5’s violation that shows loyalty to the nation. A person who betrays national interest falls under this article. Since the deputy speaker had ruled against the no-confidence motion terming it a conspiracy so first it should be settled.

He said that democracy is a numbers and benefits game. But, national interest is a matter of integrity and a question of loyalty in the comity of nations. Politics, he said, has become a gold mine for mainstream politicians. The court should dig deep to find seeds of such schemes. Citing the hard task of governing the ungovernable, he asserted that we are a group of illiterate literates. “Our education system is based on getting jobs, both with internal and external masters,” he said.

Asad Ali, a lawyer, referring to opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif’s remark that the constitution demands justice, asked why didn’t he say the country wants justice against corruption, maladministration and loyalty to foreign forces. All is not well in the country. The people are suffering because of the drivers of democracy. This version of the Western democracy experimented in the Eastern world was a failure in totality. The need is to review it, he demanded.

There should be a controlled system with strict laws. There should be a ban on politicians holding meetings with ambassadors secretly. Moreover, those having assets abroad must be kept at an arm’s length from the policy-making process. They should be banned from contesting elections. Those who are found involved in the present conspiracy must be banned for life from holding any public office, he suggested. Otherwise, the dirty game for personal gains would continue.

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