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A plot is underway to overthrow Punjab government: Imran Khan

Former prime minister Imran Khan said that a plot was going on to overthrow the Punjab government and that he was also receiving threats from “Mr. X and Mr. Y”.

On Wednesday, while speaking at a Jalsa in Chishtian, Imran Khan said that a new political plot to overthrow the Pervez Elahi-led Punjab government was taking shape in the country.
He said that the whole Sharif family resided in London and only travels to Pakistan to get money.

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He further stated, “Overseas Pakistanis work hard to give remittances to the nation but these people take money from the country and send it overseas.”

He said that he witnessed big fraudsters in the National Assembly but small criminals behind bars, stating that there would be no progress in the nation without justice.

In response to criticism of the Pakistan Army that he had previously made, Khan clarified, saying, “This country is mine, and the army is also mine.” I have never attempted to undermine the institutions.

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He further stated that the government is urging me to concentrate on the floods and disregard politics but he would keep up the fight against these crooks simultaneously with his Haqeeqi Azadi campaign.



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