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A quick review of ourselves

'The media needs to play a pivotal role in this era of crisis. Scandals to defame opponents or unauthentic information for one's scoop can damage the environment. Journalists need to prove themselves very responsible and loyal to the nation.'

Systematic depth studies regarding different national affairs are done by experts who can point out the real problems with everything and thus solve half the problems. Nevertheless, half of the remaining problems are always solved by the political will and responsible departments working in the field. My intention, for the moment, is to take a bird’s-eye view of the current issues mainly facing the nation. First, the major facts about us are:

  1. Our strategical position and the big powers’ ambition to use us for their global plans
  2. Present Political Crisis
  3. Deteriorated economic conditions
  4. Floods and their aftermath
  5. Awfully strong mafias in every field
  6. Education
  7. Freedom of Expression

Now I present my impressions on the above points for ponderation by the people who have concerns about the country.

  1. -In Afghanistan, we have been used twice in a very long time by a superpower, and it was purely for their objectives.
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-For their long-term strategies, world powers are not in a mood to allow us to develop economically and go out of the sphere of their influence.

-If we don’t allow fake and foreign stooges to work here as economic experts, we can solve our problems. There is a need to protect our “economic kahuta.”

-We are quite rich in mineral resources. But almost all of the precious minerals are in the hands of the mafia, and the nation is deprived of trillions of rupees every year.

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-Independent Foreign Policy is important for us. Others’ interference in our internal affairs is fatal.

-Sovereignty and freedom are crucial.

-We have excellently trained armed forces with wonderful experience and valiance, world-class intelligence agencies, and nuclear weapons.

-After creating a corruption-free society, there will be no need to look at others’ hands.

  1. -Political instability has long been a problem in our country.

-Illiteracy, poverty, and plunderer politicians’ selfishness and propaganda are the root causes of our political chaos.

-All sane people are well aware of the reasons for the present political crisis.

-Those could be blinds only who deny that no confidence against Imran Khan was passed without purchasing the parliament members

-Horse trading is not a legal and constitutional provision. Therefore, the people who have their eyes on ground realities can’t accept the government established after Imran’s ouster as constitutional.

-There may be blind people behind Sharif’s government, but the public at large is not blind. That is why Imran Khan is enjoying popularity with more than eighty percent of the people’s support.

-Running a government in the presence of rejection and hatred from the masses is just ridiculous, and can bring horrible results for the nation.

-The most appropriate, sensible, and acceptable solution to the present political crisis is early general elections and the immediate announcement of their date, followed by negotiations for the caretaker government and election rules.

  1. -Least government is the best government. If we don’t have a huge economy and income, we must not spend that huge.

-Loans and then more loans for paying interest and instalments are enough to suppress a nation.

-Isn’t there anyone who can listen to what the overwhelming majority of our population thinks about the loans’ interest? It is a curse.

The government needs to plan for new jobs and opportunities for its people rather than make them accustomed to receiving amounts from different programs.

“Technical and professional training need a lot of attention.

“Every village must have a school/institute for all types of technical education and training.

  1. -Governments, NGOs, and political parties must make the collections and distributions of their collected funds transparent.

-PM is up to inform the world of the gigantic size of donations we need for the flood-stricken people. It is the job of big hearts to beg from the world. It will also paint us, in the world’s eyes, as very pitiable and economically very weak.

-Nevertheless, we are receiving bulk supplies from the world, and we hope that PM’s efforts will show good results in enhancing the aid.

-Now, we must bring transparency to distribution. Bring in records of all the things, from minor to important, from foreign aid to government allocations. People must know how much has gone to which place. If the 300 tents have been sent to the people of a village, those 300 complete tents must be seen on the ground. If records show supplies of food to a certain area, then there should be not a single person starving and still waiting for God’s creature to bring him something to eat.

-At least cooperation in respect of information sharing must be seen between the field workers and organisations working for relief.

  1. -The villages, which have been wiped out with everything, need clean water to drink and to restart schools for their children. The need for food and medicine is also to be kept a priority.

-The health workers must reach out to these workers with medicines and with their precious advice on the use of clean water and safety from mosquitoes and maintaining a hygienic environment.

  1. Neat, clean, authentic information is needed for the government and people throughout their lives. The media needs to play a pivotal role in this era of crisis. Scandals to defame opponents or unauthentic information for one’s scoop can damage the environment. Journalists need to prove themselves very responsible and loyal to the nation. Governments’ advertisements should not be used as an award or punishment. Politicians and officers should show much more patience and tolerance. Free media is the foundation of genuine and free democracy. We have to live as a free nation. Slavery under any tyrant’s power suppresses bravery. Independence also reminds us of our responsibilities.

– Journalists have the heavy responsibility of making the collections and distributions of relief goods and funds transparent and accurate about the real and urgent needs of the victims.



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