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A speech that Imran Khan did not make!

"In his address, he was supposed to take his voter on board. He needed to tell people that he is revisiting his policies but nothing happened"

This week was very tumultuous. A lot of developments took place. No-confidence motion, deputy speaker’s ruling and then the Supreme Court verdict. A lot happened and people were anticipating what Prime Minister Imran Khan would have to say after the Supreme Court ruling and restoration of his government.

Let me tell you what I wanted to hear from him. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. ‘Iyaka nabudu, wa iyaka nastaaen’. What happened in the last seven days was an eye-opening experience for me. I learned a lot of things from the no-confidence motion. I’ve learnt that if I uplift the economy of my country, my own citizens will stand by me. My dear Pakistanis, all my revolutionary ideas and projects were almost about to be completed but these foreign-planted opposition members snatched this opportunity from me to complete them. Also, I have realized that there were certain people in my party who were giving me terrible suggestions. But now when I and my party went through this havoc, I’m revisiting my policies. Dear Pakistanis, I’m preparing for the elections. For the next whole year, it’s full speed, no brakes. My voters, my youth have always been there for me. You always came to support me whenever I called you. But now it is time for me to fight this on my own. And I will. I will come back stronger. I had a hard time for three years because I did not secure a majority. Also, there were people in my party who ditched me when I needed their support the most. This time, I am looking for capable people. I want the best for my party. The scholars, the genius in all fields. Only the people with scholarly degrees, excellent experience and honest backgrounds will now get a ticket to PTI. I am filtering all the leftovers and incapable people from my party, no matter how famous they are in their constituency. And I want your support for this. I am giving tickets to competent people this time. I have no money for my campaign. This is the defining moment for the country. I want to see whom you’ll vote for? The infamously corrupt people or the capable scholars? The future of Pakistan is up to you. Aap ne mera saath dena hai.”

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This is what I wanted to hear from Captain. But alas, this humiliating experience had “absolutely not” impacted Imran Khan at all. He had the same strategy, the same attitude and the same approach. Street power, foreign conspiracy and the infamous “Surprise! Pakistan Painda Bad.”

In his address to the nation last night, he was supposed to take his voter on board. He needed to tell people that he is revisiting his policies. But nothing. This is the most disappointing trait of Imran Khan. There is no possibility of improvement or growth in his performance and his narrative. His narrative is constantly evolving, in a backward motion. This narrative of a foreign conspiracy is a weak narrative because the basis for the no-confidence motion is the terrible performance of Imran Khan in three years.

The basis for this no-confidence motion was the rate of the dollar which touched the value of  Rs190 in his party’s tenure. Moreover, the no-confidence motion is a constitutional right of opposition. These little surprises that Khan gives are not flattering to rational voters. Imran Khan needs to think in the long term, that is, the election.

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If he accepts his defeat and leaves the office now, it will be PML-N who will have to deal with all this economic chaos. They can show the people of Pakistan that it is not easy to run a country for a government that wants to return loans. Thus people will understand why inflation was high during PTI’s tenure and they might buy its narrative.

Imran Khan needs to revisit his narrative and reinvent the PTI. Most importantly, he needs to update his squad. He is on the verge of losing his government because some of his ministers fail to control their tongues on the public podium. He needs to tell them to calm down. In the meantime, he needs to hang out with the people who are masters in their respective fields. Those highly qualified people, can understand the politics and economy better and take them to the forefront to make a good team for the election.



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