A story about Earth’s ‘most polluted’ city…

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Punjab’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly declined Lahore AQI measured earlier on Tuesday that identified Lahore as ‘most polluted’ place on Earth. EPA representatives said that the devices set up at Lahore US embassy used to measure AQI are uncertified, and not legalized. Moreover, we should keep in mind that Air Quality Index varies from location to location and time to time.

An American environment agency claims in its latest report that Lahore has been considered as the most toxic place on planet Earth. According to the report, it clearly implies that people are breathing in these hazardous environments that can lead to death. We have been noticing the recurrence of ‘Smog’ since 2014. As the weather changes and we are heading towards winters, the high level of environment pollution, seasonal crop burning and change in weather pattern play a part to make Lahore most toxic place to breathe on Earth.

It is to be kept in consideration that every country has their own national environmental quality standards that have to be followed while monitoring Air Quality Index, an international air quality monitoring service.

The AQI is wholly developed by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which helps one to know about air quality and how healthy and polluted our environment is.

Lahore comprises of a total population of more than 13 million people. Here a major question arises that how could this be possible that we start claiming the ‘City of Gardens’ to ‘City of Pollution’ on earth. We know the fact that Lahore has a number of gardens and it’s been long that the citizens are playing a vital role in tree plantation drives across the city.

Talking about the neighboring country’s capital, Delhi has also been considered as one the unhealthiest place to breathe on Earth.

We should keep in consideration that smog occurs when smoke mixes with fog. The humidity level in the city was 60 per cent reported on Monday and such a level does not form fog.

Monday’s haze did not cause any eye irritation, which also proves it was not smog. This means that this haze was pure pollution.

According to the Environmental experts, not only the crop burning is causing smog. The reason of smog can be the pollution caused by transport and industrial sector.

We should keep in consideration of provincial government that they should take notice of the deteriorating level of air quality of city, and take strict action against those causing air and environmental pollution through the burning of crop cutting, garbage as well as the industrial, and transportation emissions.

The health and medical experts have also considered this as alarming situation because smog might cause premature death in people with heart or lung disease, non-fatal heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, asthma, lung malfunctioning, increased respiratory symptoms, such as irritation of the airways, coughing or difficulty in breathing.

Overall, Pakistan air pollution caused the country to be ranked as the second most polluted in the world.


Written by Kashaf Munir | Lahore