A village for visually Impaired people in Syria

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In Syria, a village called “Al Noor” has been designed specifically for visually impaired individuals to provide them with a safe, comfortable, and secure life. According to reports from international media, this village is home to approximately 100 families.

The special feature of this village is that it caters to the needs of visually impaired individuals by providing them with all necessary facilities. The walls and floors of the houses in this village have been designed in a way that allows visually impaired individuals to easily navigate their daily activities.

In this village, visually impaired individuals are taught about the various stages of upbringing and different aspects of life. There are also various institutions present in the village specifically for visually impaired individuals. Additionally, there are mosques and schools where lectures on various subjects are conducted for visually impaired individuals. Furthermore, a park with decorated swings has been built for children.

It is worth noting that there are also individuals residing in this village who lost their vision during times of conflict and war.