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‘Aaj Ke Naam’: Photography exhibition in Lahore presents contemporary life as it is

Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore, held a photography exhibition in its gallery on December 1, titled ‘Aaj Ke Naam’. The event brought to the fore the works of great artists like Ghazanfar Bhindar, Muhammad Al-Waris, Muhammad Saeed Rao and Saeed Israr Haider.

The photos exhibited at the event touched upon various themes such as contemporary lifestyle, art and craft, rusticity, local carnivals and food stalls.

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One of the exhibitors, Ghazanfar Bhinder opined that photography is a way to give life to moments.

“We do not see things as they are, but the way we are, applying our own perspective. A good photograph gets imprinted in your mind and refreshes your emotional, human side,” he said.

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Israr Naqvi, shedding light on his work, said that his photography symbolizes human dignity and a common man’s struggle.

Abdul Waris added that through his work, he had endeavoured to promise a better life for the future generations, and to acquaint viewers with what was happening around them.

Saeed Rao, whose work revolved around rural life, said that mothers had always been a paradigm of strength and strong-headedness, and therefore he had depicted the mothers of Thar region struggling to get water for their children. He further said that his work acted like a mirror to human nature, also focusing on devotees from all kinds of social backgrounds thronging the shrine of Madhu Lal Hussain.



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