Abrar-ul-Haq slams journalists, PML-N supporters on yet another successful conspiracy

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Singer Abrar-ul-Haq slammed PML-N supporters and journalists on social media after video clips of his performance in London went viral.

“Congratulations to journalists and PML-N supporters on yet another successful conspiracy”, Abrar tweeted.


According to journalist Murtaza Ali Shah, Abrar performed at a musical show organized by Aleem Khan’s construction company, who broke away from the PTI in 2022. Aleem Khan was known as a very close associate of Imran Khan.


However, soon after quitting the party, PTI supporters did not like his going to London, doing a concert and took a dig at Abrar-ul-Haq on Twitter for the move.

Many social media users believe that the singer should not have performed at the event after separating from the party. They expressed doubts over the former PTI leader’s intention to quit the party and used words like ‘actor’ and ‘crocodile tears’ for him.

It should be noted that during a press conference in Lahore three days ago, Abrar-ul-Haq said that the purpose of joining politics was to do big work, but unfortunately it does not seem to be fulfilled, then why should we do such a work in which nothing is visible except darkness.