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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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ACE Faisalabad faces dearth of officers

Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment has lost officials on key posts in Faisalabad region, while senior officials are not making new appointments to these posts.

The department was receiving applications against demands for bribes by government officials and employees every day, whereas inquiries in many cases were limited to files only. The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), Faisalabad has been responsible for working to curb corruption in government departments and institutions in Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang and Chiniot, but unfortunately, in the Regional Directorate of Faisalabad, officers were not being appointed to key and important posts, which has led to a slowdown in the department’s work.

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Assistant Director Admin Syed Anwarul Hassan Shirazi was transferred to Sahiwal four months ago and despite the passage of four months, no admin officer was appointed in his place. Similarly, Assistant Director Monitoring Zahid Masood Nizami retired after completing his tenure and his post was also vacant. According to sources, the posts of Assistant Director Investigation Jhang and Assistant Director Investigation Toba have also been awaiting appointment for a long time.

Sarfraz Warraich, superintendent of ACE Punjab Faisalabad Region, was transferred to Sahiwal six months ago, but no superintendent has been appointed in his place till date. At the same time, the appointment of assistant director complaints II has not been made. Also, the seat of circle officer chiniot has been vacant for some time. The in-charge of Circle Faisalabad police station was suspended by the DG during his last visit, after which the seat became vacant.

Anti-Corruption Faisalabad Region’s work has been stalled for a long time due to lack of appointments to all these key posts. In this regard, the spokesperson of the Regional Directorate said that recommendations were sent to the director general Anti-Corruption Punjab for the appointment of officers on the vacant posts. But the deployment of officers has not been completed yet, which was why the work was slow. In this regard, Director General Anti-Corruption Establishment Punjab Gohar Nafees, in response to a question during his visit, said that anti-corruption was facing a shortage of manpower not only in Faisalabad but the whole of Punjab. Efforts were being made to recruit more officers from other agencies so that the system could be further improved.



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