Action against hoarders in Tharparkar

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Similar to other districts in Sindh, a strong crackdown has been launched against hoarders in Tharparkar. This is because there has been a noticeable increase in the prices of essential food items due to a limited supply in the market caused by hoarders. The district is currently experiencing a shortage of flour, rice, sugar, and other necessary items.

Additionally, the area is facing drought-like conditions, resulting in many people living in poverty. In response to the rising prices, people have organized sit-in protests.

Assistant Commissioner Mithi, of Tharparkar Sanjai Kumar Turkio, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner Tharparker, carried out extensive operations against hoarders today in Mithi city. According to the details, Assistant Commissioner Mithi conducted raids at different 32 locations against hoarders based on various information.

Several instances of hoarding were found, including 150 bags of sugar in two illegal warehouses and 180 bags of sugar in one warehouse, which have been seized and the warehouses have been sealed. Heavy fines were imposed on the owners of these warehouses and strict warnings were given to ensure their record-keeping was accurate. Assistant Commissioner Mithi stated that such actions against hoarders will continue based on the ongoing campaign.

Sanjay Kumar Turkio appealed to the public to immediately share any information they have regarding hoarders with the Assistant Commissioner’s office so that effective action can be taken against them and the campaign can be successful. He further mentioned that the purpose of the campaign against hoarders is to provide relief to the public in terms of essential food and drink items.

Mukesh Raja is a development professional with more than ten years working experience, current he is serving as lecturer at Government Boy's Degree College Mithi, Tharparkar. He can be reached at Twitter: MukeshRajaThar