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Actors to change in ‘political play’: Chaudhry Parvez Elahi

PML-Q leader says rallies in Islamabad will not affect no-trust motion

Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Parvez Elahi said that holding rallies in the capital will not affect the vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly adding the actors in political drama will change.

In an informal discussion with journalists in Lahore, Elahi, the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid party, said that the “drop scene in the political drama” had not arrived, as the “actors” will change.

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Without offering further details, he added that the “dish has been cooked”, of which half has already been given out while the other half was being distributed. In what appeared to be an indirect reference to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Elahi stated that people bringing religion into politics will have no future.

Earlier, federal ministers Pervez Khattak and Shah Mehmood Qureshi met the speaker of Punjab Assembly in Lahore to deliver a crucial message from the premier.

The PML-Q is an ally of the ruling PTI, and its vote in the no-confidence motion against PM Khan is vital for both the opposition and the government.

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The government has stepped up its efforts to appeal to its allies as the voting on the no-confidence motion against the premier is just days away.

The Opposition is also attempting to sweet-talk the government partners and convincing them to break away from alliance with the government in the lower house.



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