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The start of business and the advent of commerce came with and gave birth to the field of advertising. As businesses grew over a period time so did the marketing and strategy of corporate governance and social responsibility expanded.  Since then more funds have been invested and injected into what is called the transformation and transaction of advertising and networking.

Before the inception of technology the only medium of advertising was the print ads as there was no sign of the digital ads. But as soon as the age of technology and the era of digitalization occurred there came multiple ways and mediums that spurred the rise of advertising. In a world of today there is full potential and credential of the so called e advertising and online marketing.

In our time corporations and companies, factories and entities cannot survive and secure without the method of networking and marketing. The only way forward is to embrace and engulf the theory of consumer behaviour by chalking out a blue print plan that catalyses the business.

A powerful economy is the corporate strategy and the commercial policy that brings and harbours the different channels of advertising. As the globe progresses further more types and forms of ad signs will be visible and applicable. As of now there is one step suggestion and a full stop opinion that can change the geometry and can sail the trigonometry that is the new way of ad signs also can be stated as wall signs. The catch is that within the city along the roadside and pavements we can print and post ad signs by exactly the way these ads are published in the newspapers and magazines.  Once we have the cello copy of these ads there is no limit to how far the ad industry will escalate.  This is what was related and regarded to the print media.

Now on the other hand there is another idea that can blossom the city dwellers. And that is the still ads. We as a city can put up rather install news stills at different localities in the downtown and centre of the city. The theory is to plug these stills and carry out news lines that can be charged to different agencies while at the same time collide and bombard these stills with ad signs and online blogs.  Once this theory also a new kind of advertising medium is executed then the sky is the limit for the city and the country as a whole.

After more innovation and invention in the field of ads, we can move ahead and take off by developing an ad bases eco centric economy. One must cater and be sure to pull through the sector and segment of graphic designing along with the print and electronic advertising. Once our graphics and images are up to the mark and are state of the art then there is no sign that we cannot be an economy based on ad signs.

Last but not the least the span and space of advertising declares the size and scale of commercial activity taking place in a country. After research and development in the phase of digitalization one can change the steering of business, commerce and industry by becoming the so called electronic and digital economy.

The scenario is simple yet solid as to have a better Ad industry will gain and garage bigger revenues, sales and turnovers in the economy.  None the less the national economy and the internal commerce can witness exponential growth and a multi lingual increase as the business shifts from a company to a corporate entity.

One of the major causes of the tertiary sector is the link and connection between the advertising industry and the business by and large. For example, films are released by the backing of ads in the cinema and on tape.  Also for instance, websites are built as the ads are the backbone of the modern day internet.

Similarly there are more options and motions in relation to the ad business. The best of advertising can bring an intercontinental and a transnational change in the economic parameters.  Finally all over the world ad campaigns mint and print dollars while all over the globe dollars are printed and minted via the advertising block.