Administration prohibits, permits, again prohibits PTI from setting stage

Earlier police snatched staff’s ID cards but city administration granted permission later

Picture source - Twitter @PTIofficial

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been stopped from work on setting up the stage near Faizabad second time in a day.

Rawalpindi police have stopped PTI from setting up a stage near the main entrance of the capital city.

The police have said that they have just received orders that the stage could not be set up near Faizabad.

Earlier in the morning as well police had stopped PTI from setting up the stage.

The police snatched the identity cards from the staff that was engaged in work. The police had said that the order has come from higher authorities that the stage will not be allowed to be set up there.

The administration had offered to hold a public meeting at Murree Road Rehmanabad after which generators and staff returned from Faizabad.

However, the city administration later granted permission for setting up the stage at Faizabad.

PTI leader Shibli Faraz also reached Faizabad on the issue of shifting the main stage of PTI from Faizabad. Talking to the media he had said that the administration was creating obstacles and a new drama had started. He also said that they were not afraid of things and the meeting will be held on Murree Road.


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