Affan Waheed and Sonya Hussyn to star in biopic movie on renowned nuclear physicist

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Vetran actors Affan Waheed and Sonya Hussyn are set to star in an upcoming Pakistani biopic based on the life of a renowned nuclear physicist.

The highly anticipated biopic has garnered significant attention, and fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the dynamic duo’s portrayal of this influential figure.

Affan Waheed, a veteran Pakistani actor, began his acting journey in the early 2000s and has since become a beloved household name. With his charming presence and remarkable acting skills, Affan has won the hearts of viewers. His exceptional performances in popular TV dramas like “Do Bol,” “Khamoshi,” and “Baydardi” have contributed to his widespread popularity.

On the other hand, Sonya Hussyn is a versatile actress known for her exceptional talent in portraying various roles. She has received acclaim for her impactful performances in dramas such as “Aisi Hai Tanhai,” “Ishq Zahe Naseeb,” and “Mere Hamdam.” Being one of the most sought-after actors in Lollywood, Sonya is admired for her ability to bring depth and sincerity to her characters.

The biopic will shed light on the life of a Pakistani nuclear expert who made significant contributions to the country’s scientific advancements. It is expected to be a significant project in Pakistan’s film industry, offering insights into the scientist’s dedication, sacrifices, and groundbreaking achievements.

As the movie progresses, anticipation among the audience continues to grow. With Affan Waheed and Sonya Hussyn on board, the film promises to captivate the viewers while honoring the incredible accomplishments of a national hero.