Afghan girls defying education ban enroll in Madrassas

Picture source - AFP

Afghan girls have defied the Taliban ban on women’s education as long rows of girls can be seen in Madrassas.

As per the AFP report, after the Taliban seized control in August 2021, Islamic schools proliferated all over Afghanistan and more young girls started enrolling in these lessons. This followed the Taliban’s restriction on their enrollment in secondary institutions.

“We were depressed because we were denied an education,” 16-year-old Farah told AFP. She added, “It’s then that my family decided I should at least come here. The only open place for us now is a madrassa.”

Instead of studying maths and literature, girls spend their time memorizing the Holy Quran in Arabic.

The report has stated that experts of madrassas in Kabul and Kandahar told that the number of female students increased since the previous year.

Earlier, Girls’ schools in Kabul were shut down for several reasons including the requirement for Islamic clothing and segregated classrooms, both of which were mostly already in place.

According to reports, the administration is adamant that schools will finally reopen.