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Afghan Taliban order arrest of miscreants who ripped Pakistani flag

National flag was previously desecrated in 2016 by anti-Pakistan protestors at Pak-Afghan border in Chaman

The Afghan Taliban have ordered action against alleged Taliban fighters who desecrated Pakistan’s flag at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in Torkham.

According to a tweet by an Afghan news outlet on Tuesday, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid and other leaders of the group were displeased at the incident and ordered that the perpetrators be arrested and disarmed. The tweet also noted that Taliban would work to prevent future events of the kind.

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Earlier in the day, videos circulated social media that showed armed men, who were claimed to be Taliban fighters, taking down the flag that was hoisted on an incoming aid truck from Pakistan. The fighters tore the flag and chanted ‘God is great’ while doing so.

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Previously in 2016, a similar incident saw the Pakistan flag disrespected. In August 2016, the Pak-Afghan border near the Friendship Gate in Chaman was closed after anti-Pakistan protestors snatched the national flag from a Pakistan protestor and lit it on fire. The protesters also hurled stones at and smashed the windows of the Friendship Gate.



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