Afghan youth invents car for racing contest

An Afghan young boy Reza Ahmadi member of the Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Innovative unit has invented a new racing car named Rodrigal.

Ahmadi told the media that it took him 5 years to develop the two-seat car.

As per the afghan media report, Ahmadi is also determined to compete in international exhibitions and racing contests.

“This is a Rodrigal car. It means that it can be used to drive on public roads. It is a dual-purpose car that has the ability to participate in races and drive on public roads. And it can have two passengers,” said Reza.

The head of Afghanistan’s Technical and Vocational Education Department Mawlawi Ghulam Haider Shahamat also requested Qatar to provide them with the opportunity to display the car at the next Geneva International Motor Show in Doha.

Officials from the Technical and Vocational Education Department while talking to the media underlined the need for changes to foster young people’s creative potential.

However, 90% of the work on this car had already been finished and the final 10% is expected to be done before the display.


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