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Friday, March 24, 2023
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EditorialAfghanistan under quake jolts

Afghanistan under quake jolts

Amidst a humanitarian crisis Afghanistan now faces destruction due to a natural disaster. According to reports coming from the area more than a thousand people have lost their lives and the number of injured exceeds 1500. The magnitude of the Earthquake was calculated to be 5.9. There is a sense of chaos in the eastern province of Paktika as most of the infrastructure has been reduced to mere rubble. Many people are trapped and agencies are working to excavate them as soon as possible. Natural disasters such as these are devastating as there is no way to fight them off. People are left helpless and many lose their lives due to the poorly built infrastructure that is unable to sustain during earthquakes. Afghanistan is already an underdeveloped country that is facing a humanitarian crisis since the Taliban takeover. With the world not recognizing their government and their assets being frozen, it has become difficult for people to survive. In addition to that, this earthquake will only cause further difficulties in the region. The government officials have asked for help from all humanitarian organizations and countries around the world. At this time of need, the Afghan people must be helped at any cost. Natural disasters occur around the world and they cause destruction as well. However, many countries have planned out their infrastructure in a way that they are able to sustain through the time of disaster and loss of life is minimal. Moreover, with advancements in technology it has become easier to know when such an incident may occur and so areas that are most prone to damage can be evacuated at the earliest to prevent such heavy losses of lives. However, in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan the popular narrative becomes that since the people in that area were into indecent activities therefore, such and such happened to them and it was God’s wrath that took them. A well-known cleric in Pakistan had once uttered that when women in a region opt for western outfits they bring the wrath of God on people and this is why earthquakes occur. Even if one thinks with this narrative, Afghan women are not even allowed to show their faces in public neither are they allowed free movement (which is a basic human right) so why is it that such destruction occurred over there?

The reason is simple: the Taliban government is formed by a lot of old men with regressive thoughts who do not believe in the use of technology for such purposes. They do not prioritize education which is why it will be extremely difficult for Afghanistan to ever stand on its feet. Currently, they are begging for more humanitarian aid and assistance as they do not have the means to clear up the damage and nor do they have resources to tend to the injured. The neighboring states have promised assistance and for the cause of humanity the world must come together and provide assistance to those affected by the earthquake. Afghanistan needs as much help as Ukraine does even if it is not located in Europe and the people suffering are not Caucasians.

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