After petrol price hike

For the middle and lower-middle- class citizens, the struggle to meet daily needs has became an insurmountable ordeal. As the future remains uncertain and hope appears elusive, confusion festers, leading to a troubling descent into despair and depression

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History wise, Pakistan is once again in unprecedented economic, political, and social challenges. Every fortnight, Ogra announces a hike or decrease in petroleum prices. I wonder why the government announces the decision about prices in dead of the night through a notification. I would like Ogra chairman to announce the prices in the afternoon or early evening, in front of a press conference.

Whenever petrol prices go up, rampant inflation cast a shadow of despair, affecting the lives of all, from the common people to the privileged elite. The specter of unemployment looms large, exacerbated by skyrocketing utility bills, electricity shortages, and surging petrol prices. The very foundations of our political, individual, and economic future appear shrouded in an unsettling darkness of uncertainty.

For the middle and lower-middle-class citizens, the struggle to meet daily needs has become an insurmountable ordeal. As the future remains uncertain and hope appears elusive, confusion festers, leading to a troubling descent into despair and depression. When discussions turn towards prospects for improvement, onlookers often respond with doubts. It is essential to acknowledge that even in the face of profound adversity, every situation possesses both positive and negative facets. Though the negative aspects may be disheartening, we must not overlook the positive elements that persist.

It is undeniable that the deteriorating political landscape has exacerbated the economic crisis. Stringent conditions imposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have triggered severe inflation, propelled by a surging dollar and exorbitant petrol prices. In comparison to neighboring nations, Pakistan’s economic position is the worst. Even Bangladesh and Afghanistan maintain stable local currencies and economies vis-à-vis the dollar. Our longstanding rivalry and economic competition with India, dating back to independence, add another layer of complexity to this multifaceted conundrum.

As uncertainty continue to haunt Pakistan, recent developments in Afghanistan and India’s surging economy have only deepened the national sense of despair and despondency. A stark comparison emerges when one assesses Pakistan’s economic decline against India’s substantial foreign exchange reserves, igniting a sense of inadequacy among Pakistanis.
In the backdrop of Pakistan’s relationship with China, and their shared interests, as well as Pakistan’s pivotal role within the newly forged alliance bloc, the future appears markedly distinct from the prevailing pessimism.

Pakistan’s association with China, strengthened over years of diplomatic cooperation and economic collaboration, remains a beacon of hope amid the challenges. The strategic partnership between the two nations is not merely a symbolic gesture; it signifies a mutually beneficial alliance that holds the potential to usher in a new era of prosperity and stability.

Despite Pakistan’s fading prominence compared to India in American strategic considerations, Pakistan’s unique geographical significance and the evolving global political landscape have prevented the United States from overlooking Pakistan entirely. Efforts are now underway to cultivate a favorable sentiment towards America among the Pakistani people, with the American Embassies in Pakistan actively promoting their various initiatives on social media.

Pakistan’s geographic location has been its most significant asset in world politics, and it now holds the promise of a brighter future. Pakistan cannot be left isolated, especially in the presence of formidable rivals like the United States and India. China’s deepening relations with Iran concerning the Chabahar port and its mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia exemplify this point.

While the country has endured a prolonged period of pessimism exacerbated by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current situation may yet worsen before it improves. However, history has shown that even in the depths of despair, opportunities can emerge. I remain optimistic that Pakistan’s crucial role in China’s expansionist agenda, its geographic importance, and unforeseen external factors will present numerous opportunities for development, offering a glimmer of hope to a populace accustomed to hardship and disappointment.

Despite the darkness that surrounds us, there is a flicker of hope on the horizon, obscured by our deep despair but nonetheless present. We must remember that even in the bleakest of times, Pakistan endures, and the prospect of peace and prosperity remains within our reach.


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