Aima Baig demands public apology for degrading remarks about brother

Singer Aima Baig has called out news outlet FHM Pakistan for manipulating a quote from a four-year-old interview and twisting it to imply she had a crush on her brother.

She demanded a public apology in a series of clarifications and explanations calling it “heinous and disgusting charges.”

She addressed the matter on Instagram and wrote, “Usually I don’t come forward to clarify my statement[s] but this post caught my attention when my publicist sent [it]. I am utterly disgusted by this yellow journalism by FHM Pakistan. What creepy, shameless ideology they’re sharing. I don’t know if they are spreading some shameless agenda but at least don’t make me a part of this. I want to throw up…. Like, seriously… anything for views. I mean, seriously, WORK HARD OR LEAVE ME ALONE. Shame on you guys. Like, BIG TIME.”

The footage of her previous interview was posted on social media again, but it omitted the section where she indicated that the person was her brother’s friend, giving the impression that she had a crush on her brother.

Baig commented that this was a distorted version of her interview in a comment under the news outlet’s post.

She demanded that the news organization publicly apologise for making “such a horrible and nasty accusation [against] her” and to “delete all these unwelcome, peevish posts about this unprofitable and stupid news”.


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