Aima Baig sends legal notice to FMH demanding apology, Rs100M

Singer Aima Baig has sent a legal notice to news publisher FHM Pakistan for ‘vile’ remarks about her brother and twisting her words from a four-year-old interview claiming that she had a crush on her sibling.

The singer posted a copy of a court document on Instagram asking for Rs100 million in damages and an unconditional and written apology’ within 48 hours.

“This is high time when we should stand against yellow journalism and fake reporting (which is only done for the sake of comments and likes). I have had it enough so here I am standing up for myself and many others [who] become their next prey,” she wrote.

She also shared pictures of the notice on social media.

“The Instagram account through which you shared is followed by more than three million followers, and the people who view and read your posts tend to believe your statements due to your huge following and international presence, and you are well aware of that fact. It is evident that the scandalous and false and defamatory statement you have attributed to my client is explicitly intended to harm her reputation and to malign her before the public, for the monetary gain you are getting from clicks, views, comments and shares of your scandalous news/post/story,” the notice read.

In the legal notice, it was stated that FHM Pakistan would be subject to a criminal complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the litigation which may be commenced in both civil and criminal lines if they did not apologize in full and remove the offensive content from all of their social media platforms.


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