Aima Baig’s upcoming song ‘Washmally’ is tribute to Baloch culture

Singer Aima Baig has shared her aspirations for the song, titled Washmally, which she will be releasing soon alongside Sahir Ali Bagga. She said that her upcoming project is a tribute to Balochistan, the largest region of Pakistan, and its culture and traditions.

She wrote on Instagram, “I wanted to make this song as a tribute to the Baloch culture, their meethi (sweet) language and beautiful traditions. This is to celebrate the rich culture of our largest province.”

Although Baig admitted she frequently faces criticism for a variety of reasons, “rightly so, I’ve always supported our own cultures, let it be Punjabi or Seraiki,” she said. I think that it is far past time for us fortunate people to promote our long-lost, forgotten regions and traditions, she continued.

Baig & Bagga recently provided a sneak preview of their upcoming project with an official poster.

According to a press release, the unreleased song is expected to be one of Bagga’s most ambitious and difficult undertakings to date. It is described as a “magnificent blend of our three great languages” and has lyrics in Urdu, Punjabi, and Balochi.

The Roye Roye crooner was further quoted in the press release as stating, “Washmally captures a lovely yet civil dialogue between two loves, and enhanced with a unique beat we call the Pakistani or ‘Leva’ beat.