Air operations in Pakistan affected amid fuel shortage

SkyWings Aviation Company in a statement said that the severe jet fuel shortage has forced the suspension of various general aviation operations, including Edhi’s air ambulance service.

The company, which specializes in teaching pilots, said that stopping Edhi’s air ambulance trip would impede the delivery of urgent medical care, according to local media reports.

According to the firm, letters of credit (LCs) for jet fuel that have been stuck at Karachi’s Port Qasim since December 2022 still cannot be opened by the State Bank.

The aviation company also said that it had previously deposited the $23,000 needed to pay for the gasoline in a commercial bank but had refrained from settling the dispute with the central bank out of fear of retaliation.

Due to fuel constraints, the company continued, “We have declined many requests for emergency medical flights.”

The corporation asked for assistance from the government, stating that demurrages (delay damages) were being gathered on fuel that had already arrived in the nation.