AJK marks 50th martyrdom anniversary of Basharat, Haneef

The 50th martyrdom anniversary of the Kashmiri martyrs of London, Hanif Shaheed and Basharat Shaheed, was observed in Azad Jammu Kashmir with due solemnity and reverence and with the renewal of the pledge to continue the mission of the Kashmiri martyrs till the liberation of occupied Jammu Kashmir from the Indian unlawful and forced occupation. Special ceremonies to commemorate the martyrdom day of the two valiant Kashmiri martyrs of London were held on Monday at the mausoleums of Bashrat Shaheed at Palak village and Hanif Shaheed at central Eidgah in Mirpur city. Strongly denouncing and rejecting the August 05, 2019, Indian sinister act of scrapping the special status of the disputed Indian-occupied Jammu Kashmir through revocation of article 370 and 35-A of her (India) constitution and converting bleeding vale of India illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir into world’s largest prison and torture den for the last over three years in particular and over 76 years in general. Speakers while addressing the gathering at the mazar of Hanif Shaheed at central Eid Gah graveyard urged the international community and human rights, peace and freedom-loving nations to immediately intervene to get the innocent Indian-occupied Jammu Kashmir people freed from the ongoing reign of state terrorism and violence unleashed against over 8 million people of the Muslim-majority in the disputed occupied valley of Kashmir in particular and the population of the entire held state in general. Earlier, fully dressed contingents of the students presented salutes to the two young Kashmiri martyrs at their mausoleums. The grand ceremonies echoed with the full-throated slogans of Pakistan Zindabad, valiant armed forces of Pakistan, Kashmir Baney Ga Pakistan, Down with India and Down with Indian Imperialism and Down with Indian State terrorism, and Pakistan say Rishta Kiyaa La e Laa Ha Illalah. Senior Mirpur District administration officials besides notables representing diverse segments of the civil society from different parts of Mirpur and AJK including  ADC (G) Mirpur Yasir Riaz Ch. Secretary-General Basharat/Haneef Shaheed Memorial Committee Mirpur and renowned Kashmiri historian K.D. Chaudhry, newly elected President District Bar Association Mirpur Ch. Kamran Tariq Advocate, Divisional head PID Javeid Mallick, Qaiser Shiraz Kazmi, Baboo Sideeque President Insaf Traders Wing Mirpur, Raja Khalid Mahmood placed floral wreaths at the mausoleum of the Kashmiri martyr Haneef Shaheed at Markazi Eid Gah graveyard here Monday morning.

Dignitaries from various parts of the district also attended the ceremony. They also offered fateha for the departed soul. Another similar ceremony was held at the mausoleum of Basharat Shaheed at Palak near here besides placing the floral wrath at his mazar.

Speakers on both occasions paid rich tributes to the two Kashmir-born British nationals hailing from Mirpur Azad Kashmir – Bashrat Shaheed and Hanif Shaheed and their companion Ghazi Dalawar- who made hostage the staff of the Indian High Commission in London this day in 1973 at the toy-gun point with the demand for the release of 90 thousand Pakistanis who were made prisoners of war (POWs) during fall of Dacca in 1971.

Speakers including the Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Yasir Riaz Chaudhry, renowned Kashmiri historian and Secretary general Martyrs of London Memorial Society K.D Chaudhry, DBA President Ch. Kamran Tariq Advocate, Raja Khalid Mahmood and others said “the best way to pay glorious tributes to the Kashmiri martyrs of London is this that we should follow their footsteps in letter and spirit to join the struggle for getting the occupied Jammu Kashmir liberated from the Indian yoke and to materialize the dream of accession of entire Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan – which is the sole destination of Jammu Kashmir people living at either side of the line of control and rest of the world.