Akshay Kumar’s expresses his thoughts on box office failures

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Akshay Kumar, a highly acclaimed and popular actor in Bollywood, recently shared his approach to handling box office failures and criticism. In an interview, he acknowledged that he experiences the impact of a film’s poor performance or negative feedback just like any other person would.

“I have faced many ups and downs in my life, and one consistent thing is that when things are going well, there is immense praise, but when they don’t, the criticism becomes overwhelming,” said the 55-year-old actor.

Akshay also mentioned that he doesn’t pay much attention to negative comments but appreciates his own ability to deal with criticism. He believes that the only way forward is to keep persevering despite setbacks.

Akshay has confidence in his skills as a hardworking actor, which he considers to be the most important factor.
Regarding box office failures, Akshay stated that the success or failure of a film is determined by its numbers. He strongly believes that the audience’s reaction plays a crucial role in determining whether a film is a hit or a flop.

On the professional front, Akshay Kumar is currently occupied with the shooting of “Hera Pheri 3.” Additionally, he is preparing for the release of “OMG 2” alongside Pankaj Tripathi.