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Al Jazeera staff speaks out about years of harassment in the newsroom

A recent report has revealed that employees of the Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera have been bullied  and sexually harassed in the newsroom.

The shocking news came after current and former employees of the channel revealed that they have been facing harassment for years in the Doha newsroom.

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According to a BBC report, the channel’s star journalist Kamahl Santamaria, who is working for Al-Jazeera for the past 16 years made sexual remarks and sent flirty texts to colleagues on Twitter, Whatsapp, and internal Al Jazeera email.

Several employees also reported “touching in the office” and undesired kissing on the cheek in front of eyewitnesses.

According to a former Al Jazeera producer and correspondent, at least two other men harassed her.

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A few employees also claimed that Al Jazeera fostered a toxic work atmosphere and ignored employees’ complaints about harassment, racism, and bullying that lasted “years and years and years.” Some even claimed that despite reporting their complaints to management, no action was taken and as a result, they were forced to resign.

As per foreign media reports, Santamaria recently joined New Zealand’s NZTV from where he resigned after 32 days of working.

The accused journalist made a public statement saying, some of them were “true, some missing crucial context, some outright lies and a rewriting of history.”

Santamaria in his statement also apologized for making others uncomfortable.

A total of 22 employees spoke about the harassment they faced at Al-Jazeera but Al-Jazeera has not addressed any of them.

BBC received reports of harassment in Al Jazeera’s London Newsroom as well.

Witnesses also expressed concern about speaking up because everything in their lives is intertwined with their jobs.



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