Alarming findings: 72% of Pakistani women identified as smokers

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During a recent meeting of the Public Accounts Committee’s sub-committee, a surprising revelation emerged, stating that a staggering 72% of women in Pakistan are regular smokers of cigarettes.

The sub-committee meeting, held in the capital city, aimed to review the audit report presented by PASSCO and receive a comprehensive briefing from officials of the Pakistan Tobacco Board.

Officials from the Pakistan Tobacco Board disclosed alarming statistics indicating that the nation consumes a shocking 80 billion cigarettes each year. However, there is no available data regarding the age distribution of tobacco consumers. Nonetheless, an extensive survey revealed that an astonishing 72% of women in Pakistan actively smoke cigarettes.

The disclosure of such a high prevalence of female smokers has raised concerns among authorities and the general public, prompting questions about the underlying reasons behind this trend.

Additionally, officials from the Tobacco Board revealed that each cigarette pack incurs an 85% tax, with 85% of the total tax collection comprising excise, regulatory, and other related taxes.

The revelation of the significant number of female smokers in Pakistan has become a matter of public interest, highlighting the urgent need for awareness campaigns and measures to address the issue.

Health experts and concerned citizens are urging the government and relevant stakeholders to take immediate action to combat the increasing trend of cigarette smoking among women and its potential negative impact on public health.

As the findings of the PAC sub-committee continue to gain attention, discussions on formulating effective tobacco control policies, implementing stricter regulations, and promoting awareness programs are expected to intensify. The public eagerly awaits further developments and initiatives aimed at addressing this concerning health concern in the country.

Summaiyya Qureshi is a journalist with Minute Mirror and writes about social issues besides geopolitics, foreign policy, and nuclearization. She can be reached at ( She is available on twitter at @SummaiyyaQ