Alhamra chairman Qasim Ali Shah denies speculations of his ouster

In response to reports that he might be replaced as chairman of the Alhmara Arts Council board of governors, renowned educator and motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah has categorically repudiated the claims.

Qasim Ali Shah rejected the news while talking with Minute Mirror, calling it a political ploy and propaganda against him.

Qasim Ali also took to Twitter to share a video of an office meeting.

Another Facebook status update of his reads: “It is a matter of great honor for me that some of my sincere friends organized a dinner for me in the celebration of becoming the Chairman of Alhamra, which was attended by Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Major Rafiq Hasrat, Aurangzeb Chaudhry, Naeem Sahib, Mian Habib Sahib, and Tahir Shaheer. I am deeply grateful for the love and kindness of all these gentlemen.”

A few days back, it was widely reported that the Lahore High Court had removed him from his role as chairman of the Alhmara.

In addition, the rumour stated that LHC reinstated the former chairman of the Alhmara board of governors.

As Qasim had previously made a contentious statement about PTI Chairman Imran Khan and party supporters were outraged by Shah’s nomination and criticised him for his remarks.