Ali Zafar’s new single ‘Husn’ is a soulful piece of art

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Ali Zafar has released a new song called “Husn,” which combines elements of qawwali and ballad to convey his search for both musical and romantic fulfillment. The track incorporates renowned couplets by the late Sufi poet, Amir Khusrau, adding depth to the lyrics. Unlike Ali Zafar’s usual upbeat numbers, this song is more heartfelt and versatile, blending Eastern and Western musical influences seamlessly.

The visuals of the music video also reflect the theme of duality, showcasing Ali Zafar’s exploration of both spiritual and physical love. While the song may remind fans of his popular Jhoom era, it stands out with surprising moments, such as Ali’s rhythmic improvisations and his powerful voice.

Ali Zafar considers “Husn” more than just a song; it represents his spiritual journey and his attempt to grasp the true essence of love. The melody came to him nearly a decade ago at Jahangir’s Tomb in Lahore.

Ali hopes that “Husn” will take listeners on a transformative journey of pain and pleasure and provoke personal interpretations about love. He eagerly awaits the thoughts and reactions of his audience after they have immersed themselves in the song.

Produced by Ali himself, “Husn” features co-arrangement and programming by Hassan Badshah, guitar and bass by Amir Azhar, bass by Danyal Zafar, tabla by Naveed Hussain, and sarangi by Murad Ali Khan. Qawwali vocals are performed by Akber Bashir, Shahbaz Khan, and Saleem Khan, with mixing and mastering by Akash Pervaiz at Nightingale Studios.