Alizeh Shah responds to abuse allegations from colleague Minsa Malik

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Actress Alizeh Shah has finally reacted to the allegation of abuse inflicted upon her by co-actress Minsa Malik.

Alizeh Shah reposted a story on her Instagram, which was originally shared by blogger Ayesha Jehangir. In this story, Ayesha disclosed details about an incident.

According to Ayesha Jehangir’s Instagram story, a eyewitness of the event present on set had conveyed that actress Minsa Malik had slapped Alizeh previously, leading to a dispute.

Ayesha further revealed that the crew and co-actors were present during this incident. The incident occurred around 6 PM in the evening, and despite being humiliated and troubled in front of everyone, Alizeh completed her shooting and left for home at midnight after finishing her shooting.

Ayesha Jehangir advised not to believe every piece of news circulating on social media without hearing the story from the person involved.

Actress Alizeh Shah shared Ayesha Jehangir’s mentioned story on her own Instagram with a caption, “The truth never hides.”

It’s important to recall that just yesterday, actress Minsa had lodged a complaint with the police, alleging that during a drama shoot, Alizeh Shah had thrown a burning cigarette at her and engaged in violence. The complaint accused Alizeh of entering the room while under the influence of substances and assaulting her.