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Amjad Islam Amjad finishes his new script under the banner of Soul Films

Notable poet and screenwriter Amjad Islam Amjad has finished working on his next script, a feature film called ‘Shams e Rumi’ based on the teacher-pupil relationship between esteemed mystics, Hazrat Shams Tabraiz and Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi.

The film is being made under the banner of Nadir Tareen’s Soul Films, produced by Nadir Tareen and Mahwash Khan and also directed by Nadir Tareen in collaboration with Arshad Mehmood.

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With the majority of the millennials’ recent inclination towards spiritualism, majorly owing to bestselling books like ‘The Forty Rules of Love’, ‘Rumi’s Daughter’, and ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’, the film, once properly announced with its cast and crew, will keep the public on tenterhooks. The main curiosity will be the actors who will make it to the cast, and the execution of a tale springing from 13th century Turkey.

It is yet to be seen if the film will be a period drama, connecting the spiritualism of the times past with its modern interpretations, or will it simply be in the form of a story. Not much has been revealed, which tells that the film’s producer and director Nadir Tareen is working hard on the film and infusing all the right elements to make it a worth watch when it will be finally screened in cinemas. ‘We’ll be rolling the camera by the end of this month!’ told Nadir Tareen in an exclusive conversation with Minute Mirror.



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