Amnesty international, Reuters show concerns over internet ban in Pakistan

The internet ban that has not only caused around Rs1.64 billion loss to revenue but also has affected millions of internet users throughout the country. International organizations including Amnesty International and Reuters have also raised concerns over the issue.

The Amnesty International has condemned the government’s decision to turn off internet in Pakistan.

The decision to permanently halt internet use has drawn harsh criticism from Amnesty International, which described it as a breach of the freedom of the public to access information and speech.

Amnesty International demanded that the limitations be lifted right away by the government.

It said in a statement, “The Pakistani government has announced an ‘indefinite’ mobile internet shutdown. This is a clear violation of people’s rights to access information and free expression. The restrictions must be lifted immediately.”

According to the estimates, so far the closure of internet has caused Rs1.64 loss in revenue.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) effectively halted mobile internet service at the instructions of the interior ministry. Around Rs1.64 billion in revenue was lost as a result of the internet ban in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been prohibited. The action was taken in the middle of a deteriorating law-and-order scenario following former prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest.

Data shows that telecom companies in Pakistan have lost an estimated Rs1.64 billion in revenue as a result of the suspension of mobile broadband services, and the government has lost an estimated Rs574 million in tax revenue, with further losses anticipated if the restrictions are not lifted.

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Reuters has said in a report that Pakistan’s main digital payment systems fell by around 50% a day after the ban was imposed in the country.

Reuters has stated, “Point-of-sale transactions routed through Pakistan’s main digital payment systems fell by around 50% the day after former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest ignited countrywide protests and prompted authorities to shut down mobile internet services, data showed on Thursday.”