An ugly spat

A spat between former speedster Shoaib Akhtar and host Dr. Nauman Niaz during a live post match show on PTV Sports has ignited a debate about the attitude of anchorpersons towards their guest speakers. Apparently during the verbal clash between the former cricketer and show host, the behaviour of the latter was not acceptable. However, Akhtar responded maturely to the rude behavior and did not lose his temper. He maintained dignity while resigning from the show during the presence of cricket greats like Sir Vivian Richards and David Gower. Due to his sensible response, Akhtar has earned support of his fans and celebrities who are demanding a stern action against non-professional attitude of Dr. Niaz.

It was unprecedented in the history of a Pakistani live show that the host imprudently asked a guest to quit the show over difference of opinion. Verbal clashes, harsh criticism and bitter arguments among speakers are part of live shows but it is the responsibility of the anchorpersons to behave as cool moderators and in any case, they should not become a party due to difference of opinion. Wisdom demands that Dr. Niaz should have tendered an apology over his slip of tongue or non-professionalism but so far he has not shown remorse over his action. Rather he has become complacent by showering praises on Shoaib Akhtar for his achievements and nothing else. Where is the editorial policy of the producer for such programmes? Who allows persons with an absent mind to host a live show on the national TV? The incident has also left a bad image of the country as foreign cricket greats were also present in the show who witnessed misbehavior with a national hero. Unfortunately, insult heaped on a national hero is lamentable. Those sitting at the helm of affairs need to take action against the utter rudeness demonstrated by the host on the national TV so that no such incident happens again.