Anju never did anything like this before, says Anju’s husband Arundh Kumar”

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In an interview, Arundh Kumar, the husband of Anju, the Indian woman who came to Pakistan to marry Nasrullah, spoke to the Indian media. He said that Anju had informed him that she was going to Jai Pur to meet her friend.

However, later, he received a call from his wife who said that she was in Lahore, and he was unaware of why she went to Lahore and how she obtained a visa and other belongings.

Arundh stated that he generally does not check his wife’s phone or messages, and his wife’s case cannot be linked to Seema Haider’s case.

He further mentioned that Anju told him she would return in two to three days. He did not report to the police as it was the first time something like this had happened, and she informed him without any hidden intentions.

Arundh expressed his emotional state during the conversation and tears welled up in his eyes.

To clarify, Anju, the Indian woman, has married Nasrullah in Upper Dir, and the D.I.G. Naseer Mahmood Satti has verified the marriage, stating that the Indian woman converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima.

According to the D.I.G., both of them got married in the District and Sessions Court. Following the marriage, the Indian woman was shifted to her home under police custody.

In her statement, Anju mentioned that she came to Pakistan to meet her friend Nasrullah, and she feels safe here.

She requested the media not to disturb her children and relatives and communicate with her directly if they have any questions. She emphasized that her visit to Pakistan was planned with proper arrangements.

Anju also affirmed her position by taking an oath that she was not forced by anyone, and she liked Nasrullah. She came to Pakistan only for him, and a 10-tola gold “Haq Mehr” was set as part of the marriage contract, confirming Nasrullah as her rightful and legal husband.