Another delay of more than 6 months in opening of New Gwadar International Airport

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The inauguration of the new Gwadar International Airport built by China under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has been delayed by another 6 months.
The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, Khaqan Murtaza, has revealed that the airport’s opening, originally scheduled for this month, has been delayed due to technical reasons.

He said that there is a delay in the arrival of the airport equipment and technical equipment from China to Pakistan, the goods coming to Gwadar from China by sea are expected to arrive this month.

Khaqan Murtaza said that the Chinese authorities are giving the time of March 2024 for the opening of Gwadar Airport, there may be further delay in completing the arrangements for the new Gwadar Airport to be operational, the airport is 26 km north of the existing Gwadar Airport. It is located on the eastern side and 3000 acres of land has been given for it by the Government of Pakistan.

He has further informed that like the new Islamabad Airport, Gwadar Airport is the second Greenfield Airport in Pakistan.

Similar to the new Islamabad Airport, the Gwadar Airport is classified as a Greenfield Airport. This term refers to an airport that is built on undeveloped land, rather than being an expansion or renovation of an existing airport. The construction of the Gwadar Airport is a significant project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, aimed at enhancing infrastructure and connectivity between the two countries.

These delays highlight the complexities involved in large-scale infrastructure projects and the importance of effective planning and coordination. The successful completion of the Gwadar Airport will contribute to the development of Gwadar as a key hub for trade and connectivity in the region.


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