Another Kurdish girl dies in Iran protests

Picture source - AP

Iran protests face a new hike after the death of an 18-year-old teenager in the Kurdish region where protests were already going on after Mahsa Amini’s death.

Another victim of the crackdown is Hadis Najafi, a 22-year-old woman who activists say was killed by security forces in September.

Mahsa Amini a 22-year-old Kurdish omen dies on 19 September after being tortured by Iran’s morality police after being accused of not wearing proper attire.

An official tally indicates that more than 80 individuals have died as a result of the crackdown launched by the leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

As per media reports 1,000 people have been charged till now by local police.

With the protest wave showing no signs of slowing down, the authorities’ issues are getting worse by the Muslim custom of holding a “Chehlum” ceremony, which is a memorial service 40 days after death.

This implies that every new killing can inspire new demonstrations.

The rallies led by women were praised for their “bravery” by US Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday.

She also pledged that Washington would strive to have Iran expelled from the UN Commission on the Status of Women.


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