Another police team attacked in Islamabad

Police officers unharmed in attack; suspect injured in retaliatory fire, transferred to hospital for treatment

A police patrol was attacked by armed robbers at Bakhral Chowk within the limits of Koral police station in Islamabad.

A police spokesperson informed media that the police officers were unharmed in the incident.

He added that one of the suspects was injured by retaliatory fire by the police. The spokesperson said that the suspect’s accomplices managed to escape. The police patrol team was performing routine checking at Bakhral Chowk when they signaled two people riding on motorcycles to stop. The motorcyclists then opened fire on the policemen instead of complying with the instructions.

The police returned fire during which one of the gunmen was injured, the spokesman said. He added that his accomplices managed to escape from the location and the injured suspect was shifted to a hospital with high security. The spokesman said that a heavy contingent of police was dispatched to the area which cordoned off the area.

The police said the suspect belonged to a notorious gang that had been operating in the Loi Bher area. The spokesman said that the arrested suspect had previously been arrested and sent to jail for involvement in three robberies and possession of illegal arms. He added that a case had been registered against the suspect and his gang members.


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