Another PTI youth leader claims ‘advance devising of Jinnah House vandalism’ plot

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As a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, one of the individuals participating in the rioting on May 9 at the Corps Commander House in Lahore claimed the plot had been devised in advance.

The Insaf Youth Wing’s Lahore chapter’s media secretary, Hashir Khan Durrani, said in a video that the events that took place following Imran Khan’s detention on May 9 were planned in advance at Zaman Park.

Additionally, he particularly identified the attackers’ planners as Sheikh Imtiaz, Yasmin Rashid, and Mahmood ur Rasheed.

“Imran Khan’s anti-army narrative affected the people, which led to the attack,” Hashir stated in the video.

Additionally, he said that while in the Corps Commander House, he had raised the flag at the door and encouraged damage. Khan House, not Corp Commander House, he said in a video he had taken of himself.

He did, however, remark that the army’s response had been favourable.

It is our military. No citizen was harmed by them, he claimed.

In a video dated May 9, Hashir can be seen using his phone to shoot a video of himself inside the Corps Commander House while yelling “Inqilaab” repeatedly. He adds that people are making their decisions and that “four generals” cannot decide Pakistan’s fate.