Apple plans to introduce laptop with foldable screen

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Asus has held the distinction of leading pioneer in the field of laptops with folding screens up until this point by demonstrating their outstanding Zenbook Fold range. The lineup may face some fierce competition in the future.

Apple is aggressively working on building a laptop with a foldable screen, according to a recent rumor from Korea. A foldable-screen MacBook is something the business reportedly wants to introduce and is in talks with vendors about.

This concept would surely revitalize the existing stagnant display market if it were to succeed.

The foldable laptop, which is expected to debut in 2025 and be available in 2026, is expected to have a big influence.

Recognizing the saturation of the smartphone industry, major Korean display producers like Samsung Display and LG Display recently shifted their investments towards OLED panels for laptops.

To take advantage of the growing demand for such products, several businesses are currently coordinating the development and production of foldable OLED panels designed exclusively for laptops.

Getting an order from Apple would unquestionably have a significant impact on this still-developing market. Despite the difficulties in reaching ideal pixel densities at larger scales, panel makers believe that increasing display sizes will increase their profitability.

Even still, the market for laptops with foldable displays is more profitable than the one for smartphones, offering a sizable chance for display manufacturers to increase their profits shortly.