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Application filed in Rawalpindi to arrest Rana Sanaullah

A request has been made to arrest Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah in Gojar Khan Police Station, Rawalpindi.

An application was filed for the purpose of registering a case against Rana Sanaullah for making threats against the relevant authorities and the judiciary on January 29. Application has been filed by the former councillor of ward no 3, Malik Muhammad Bashir.

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The applicant has taken the position that Sanaullah threatened the Punjab chief secretary and other officials, including the judiciary, on January 29 while speaking to a local news channel.

Bashir stated in the application that the minister had promised to take revenge on his opponents and hold them accountable so that “they would remember a lesson for the rest of their lives”.

Bashir cited Sanaullah in support of this claim. The applicant claimed that the threats terrified him as well. He asked the police to open an investigation on the interior minister.
According to the police officers, a decision would be made following the request for legal counsel.



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