Armed confrontation with China ‘absolutely not an option’: Taiwan

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Taiwan National Day stated that armed confrontation with China was not an option.

As per a France 24 report, Ing-wen warned Beijing that Taiwan will not compromise on “national sovereignty and a free and democratic way of life”.

She went on to say that only respect for the sovereignty, democracy, and freedom of the Taiwanese people can provide a framework for establishing constructive relations with China.

She added, “It is regrettable that in recent years the Beijing authorities’ escalations of their military intimidation, diplomatic pressure, trade obstructions, and attempts to erase the sovereignty of the RoC have threatened the status quo of peace and stability in Taiwan Strait and the region.”

She also urged the international community not to ignore the threat that these military advancements posed to the free and democratic world order because the destabilization of Taiwan’s freedom and democracy would be a major setback for the world’s democracies.

As per foreign media reports, during the 111th Republic of China (RoC) National Day [Taiwan –  Republic of China], President Tsai addressed the nation in the capital Taipei and talked about sovereignty, freedom, and democracy of Taiwan.

Tensions in the democratic peninsula rose in early August after China conducted military drills around the island in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unannounced visit against China’s will.


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