Armeena Khan’s husband Fesl Reza-Khan demands apology from PML-N


Actress Armeena Khan’s husband Fesl Reza-Khan demands an apology from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) for uploading a picture of his wife and daughter on one of the party’s accounts on Twitter.

He wrote that PMLN leadership is responsible for this account and they have posted a photo of his infant, just to troll his wife. And they have crossed all bounds of decency. He further added, he and his daughter has no interest in Pakistani politics but as a father, he will protect his child. He asked them to apologize immediately.

This whole controversy sparked when Armeena Khan retweeted the viral video of a girl who asked Maryam Nawaz to say “My family is thieves” while taking a selfie with Maryam.

The actress wrote “Had this happened in Pakistan, the selfie lady would’ve ‘disappeared.’ 😉 I’m glad we have such freedoms in the U.K. where we hold our politicians to account. If you’re going to live on British soil then it is OUR rule. We have freedom of speech.”