Arms & ammunition looted from Wana police station recovered

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South Waziristan police launched an operation in the hamlet of Azam Warsak on Monday and found the guns and ammunition that terrorists had looted from a police station in Wana in December, District Police Officer (DPO) Shabbir Hussain Marwat told.

On December 20 of last year, around 50 militants raided a police station in Wana and looted weapons and ammunition before leaving. The statement released by DPO Marwat today stated that an operation was conducted out yesterday night on his orders following a tip-off, and the looted firearms and ammunition were found at Bin Yameen’s home.

A submachine gun, two magazines, a bulletproof jacket, two wireless sets, two mobile phones, three belts, three RPG warheads with boosters, 11 hand grenades, five kilograms of gunpowder, 1,126 rounds, three improvised explosive devices (IEDs), a gas gun, a torch, two bags, and a helmet were among the items recovered, the statement said.

“The South Waziristan police have made great sacrifices for the defense of the motherland and many of them (policemen) have embraced martyrdom,” the DPO added, describing the operation as a “great success” of the police.